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Retro Review: Xenogears

Title: Xenogears
System: Sony Playstation
Release: February 11, 1998
Developer: Square
Publisher: Square


The story in Xenogears is amazing! The game takes place on a continent called Ignas, which is the biggest continent in Xenogears world. it takes place in a distant future. It’s like a mix of medieval and the future. people in their world live very simple. There is no electricity in most of the towns, and everything has a medieval setting. But there is also airships, computers, different kind of guns, and mech suits, which is called “Gears” in the game. Every kind of hi-tech stuff are found underground. Stuff that has been buried for thousands of years.

The characters in Xenogears is also amazing. the main character is a guy named Fei. He lives in a village called Lahan, where he was bought to 3 years before by a mysterious masked man. He does not have any memory from his past since then. One day the village is attacked by a group of Gears. Fei then pilots a Gear with intention of saving the village. He then witness one of his friend being killed and that causes him to snap and destroy the whole village. Later he wakes up and does not realise what he has done. He does not remember what happened after he watched his friend die. Citan, The village doctor, and Fei’s friend, follows him away from the surviving villagers, and that is where the game begins.


The gameplay in Xenogears is Traditional Turn-based RPG, with random encounters. But instead of choosing attacks from a menu (which is seen in a lot of other RPG’s, like Final Fantasy) you choose between 3 different attacks:

Triangle: Weak
Square: Moderate
Cross: Fierce

The attacks use Action Points (AP). the stronger the attack is, the more AP it costs. In the beginning of the game you will always start a battle with 3 AP. But later you will be able to wield more. AP also replenished after each turn in a battle. Weak attack costs 1 AP. Moderate attack costs 2 AP, and Fierce costs 3.  Combining these 3 in different ways can create something called “Deathblows”. “Deathblows” are long combos which hits more than a regular attack. you will learn more “Deathblows” the more you experiment with different combinations.

There is also a “Magic” system in the game. But they will mostly affect your stats under a battle, or heal a party member. But there are some that attacks. But they are not so special.


The music in Xenogears is beautiful. Yasunori Mitsuda is the composer. do I need to say anything else? He is the man who composed the music for Chrono Trigger together with Nobou Uematsu and Noriko Matsueda. He also composed the music for Chrono Cross. My favorite soundtracks in the game is “Bonds Of Sea And Fire” and “Flight”.


The game environment in Xenogears is in 3D while the characters is in gorgeous 2D. The character portraits is also really well made. The graphics are very appealing. After you have seen the Graphics, you just want to start play it.


  • Amazing Story
  • Great Gameplay
  • Gorgeous Soundtrack, and Graphics


  • I have only one complain about this game, and that is, that the last character in the game does not get so much screen time. You get her so late in the game, that she does not get enough time to develop.


Story: 9.0/10
Gameplay: 8.5/10
Sound: 10/10
Graphics: 9.0/10

Overall: 9.2/10

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