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My thought about the Wii 2/Stream/Project café/feel and all the rumors

I’m a little late to the party. But I will now go thru the most interesting rumors, and whats have been confirmed by Nintendo themselves.



I will first talk about what Nintendo has confirmed. Nintendo has confirmed that they are working on a new console, and that they will reveal it on E3 this year. there is also talk that it will be playable at E3, and not just that you will see someone play it on the press conference. But that everyone will have a chance to try it.

This is really exciting. Not only do we get to see new 3DS games, but we will also see the new console on the same conference, and probably some games for it.

Specifications, and hardware


Now let’s talk about the specs. I won’t go into details, since we don’t know so much about it. But it’s suppose to be significantly stronger than the Xbox 360, and Playstation 3, and it’s suppose to be the next-generation of games. It’s release date is set in 2012 so it really early for a console who just been announced. Microsoft and Sony is focusing on releasing their new consoles 2014. so they are not ready to release a new console any time soon.

This is a mockup on how a game for the system could look like.


If they are trying to appeal to the “Hardcore” audience, and is releasing it as a next-gen console. Then it’s kind of obvious that it will be more powerful than the current-gen consoles. But Nintendo will have a head start, just like the 360 had this generation. But it could as well become like the Dreamcast, and die in a couple of years. I have no idea what will become of the new Nintendo console. But as long as they get good third-party support, and announce lots of good games for it, I think that it will do well.

Game developers that could be working with the system


It is also rumored that Rockstar Games is working on a title for the system. Many think that it’s a Grand Theft Auto V. But that’s still just speculations. also, I could be that Retro Studios is working on a game to. it’s sounds more likely that Retro Studios is working on a game than Rockstar. Since Retro Studios is a studio owned by Nintendo.

 if Rockstar is working on the next GTA for Wii’s successor, then it must be something special about the new system that we don’t know yet.

This years E3 is going to be exciting, and that’s just Nintendo’s part. It will be really exciting to see what Microsoft and Sony have up their sleaved for this years E3.

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