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Retro Review: Metal Gear (MSX2)

Title: Metal Gear
System: MSX2
Release: July 7, 1987
Developer: Konami
Publishers: Konami

Today I will review a little game called Metal Gear. Designed by Hideo Kojima, who is today, one of the bigger icons in the gaming industry. Metal Gear was acually not Kojima’s work in the beginning. But he took over the project early in it’s development, and finished it. thats a little history behind the game. But let’s start the review.

The game takes place in 1995 (it was a game taking place in the future, since metal gear came out in 1987), in a state in South Africa called Outer Heaven. You play as Solid Snake. A rookie member of a special forces group called FOXHOUND. Your mission is to Rescue one of the top agents of FOXHOUND, Gray Fox, and destroy a weapon of mass destruction, Metal Gear.

For being a late 80’s game, the story is really deep. You can have a conversation with people thru codec, and you will be called sometimes when you make progress in the game. There is even some plot twists that is really surprising. Great story in this game.

If you have plated any of the other Metal Gear games, you will know what this is about. Metal Gear is a Stealth game. That means that you are not supposed to run right in front of an enemy and shoot. you have to take a different path and sneak past them. Occasionally you have to sneak up to an enemy’s back and kill him to get past.

Now you might think that you won’t have any use of the weapons you pick up. But there are boss fights in this game, and they are all really fun and exciting. Some minor issues is the elevators. They are really weird. but you will understand when you play. It’s hard to explain. Also, it’s confusing sometimes because you don’t know where to go. you maybe need some special cardkey, or you might have to blow up a wall. These are just minor issues and won’t really destroy the game.

The music in Metal Gear is great. Theme of Tara will be stuck in your head, since that is the song you will hear most. Maybe you will hear Red Alert a lot to, if your really bad at this game 🙂 It’s also an awesome song by the way. the other songs in the game is also good. they are all rememberable.

The game looks ok. I guess. The thing is that it does not look any different from any other games around that time. it does not stand out. But it isn’t awful. it’s good, it’s just not so special.


Metal Gear has both great story, gameplay, and music. Really fun game. not one of the best Metal Gear-games I have played. But it is high up on the list.


  • Great Plot!
  • Great Gameplay!
  • Great Music!


  • Confusing elevators.
  • Hard to find where to go next.


Story: 9.0/10
Gameplay: 8.0/10
Sound: 8.0/10
Graphics: 7.5/10

Overall: 8.5/10

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